Online Booking System

System components help you with online commerce issues.
Provide you with Stable and Secured transactions
Banking grade digital asset management.
Quick and convenient operation steps.

Responsive Web Design

RWD provides the best page experience by detecting the device in-use. The user sees the best fit resolution and dynamic page design, allow different device to obtain the best page experience.
In order to fully support SEO search engine evaluation, RWD is a must-support part. A website with RWD will provide an high ranking score. As such, we come to the rescue to help you with providing a professional image and branded website. This will help you sync-in to the global marketing world.


Internet Marketing

The company is committed to the big data community marketing model.
We recommend a company's optimized internet marketing through focusing on customer website traffic, member analysis and the collection of live data.
Inbound Marketing
Self-required corporate value and service & product improvement.
We truly think for consumers, products without exaggerating.
We fully analyze making use of various internal information to ahieve maximum satisfaction:

  • (1) Value: Enhance the value that can be provided to the customer, and for them to be hooked with true sincerity.

  • (2) Get found: Making use free channels to allow consumers to see the value and service that can be provided.

  • (3) Analysis: Adjust network assets with various analyses to maximize customer satisfaction and service familiarity.

Naked Marketing
Selling goods that are genuine and authentic, and through consumers praises, to achieve the essence of word-of-mouth marketing.
Product value is hence returned to other customers, giving a win-win marketing.

Zero Moment Of Truth
Let consumers sell their products to consumers through the Internet before they "have not touched" the products, so that consumers can "actively" receive positive information from products to influence consumer intentions.

Combined with community marketing, content marketing and search engine marketing to directly identify target audience and word of mouth articles.
At the same time, combined with the content media method to create the overall exposure and traffic of the corporate customer website! "

Customized App

To customize or to upgrade existing Internet or App applications to drive enterprise data to target enterprise needs.

Virtual Host Lease

Virtual Hosts (also known as Shared Hosting), allows server resources to be used more efficiently, including memory, storage, or processor power.

Dotking adopts professional Linux SSD virtual host / IDC level firewall / the customer service providing best website management, and maximize website search and ranking.
We save you manpower and management costs, improves virtual server performance by sharing resources, and minimize network response time.

Phoenix Darts Agent

"The crowd equals money.
What else can help you increase hotel income besides accommodation and catering?
The Phoenix Electronic Dart Machine is a popular competitive sport, and it helps the hotel by expanding facilities and income as well!!

We have introduced the Phoenix Electronic Dart Machine.
It has the highest market share.
It brings different business opportunities to the travel industry.
In addition, we also offer Darts Ads Network (more than 3000 darts machines) for hotels to use in order to attract more spending consumers increasing the brand and popularity of the hotel. "